Archived Portfolios

eKuoture is an online service marketplace where consumers (both businesses and individuals) can procure services from skilled workers and other service providers. The site targets the Spanish markets and its objective is to provide a platform where communication between the parties flows naturally.

Vår kund är specialist på reskontra för större bolag. De har över 1000 kunder internationellt, och deras webbapplikation hjälper dessa storbolag att hitta problem så som faktura-dubbletter osv. Vi har utvecklat ett system som kunderna kan använda för att analysera och få överblick på deras fakturor och betalningar.

XConcept is an extra-ordinary concept to bring old images back to life through image retouching. The business is a team of independent graphic designers who have extensive experience in the art of image retouching. Through the website, customers can place orders online. These orders are then converted into work orders and allocated to the graphic designers. The software need to keep track of payments from customers, images, work status, earnings of the graphic artists and the like.

Okido Kidz är en internationell webbkatalog för barn vänliga hotell och andra inrättningar som är till hjälp för personer som reser med barn. Dessa är klassade med flera barn vänliga funktioner i beaktande. Användarna har också möjlighet att söka utifrån åtta olika funktioner samt en mängd under funktioner för att hitta en lämplig anläggningar som tillhandahåller gästfrihet och kulinariska tjänster och boka sina tjänster. Okidokidz är en multi språk plattform och finns på engelska, spanska, franska och tyska gränssnitt. Anläggningar som tillhandahåller gästfrihet och kulinariska tjänster har möjlighet att registrera sina profil och anläggningsuppgifter på hemsidan.  

TEFL Express is a web portal that allows users to buy and enroll for English teaching courses and get training through the online platform, the classroom medium or a combination of both. The enrolled students can access their course materials through a virtual student classroom online. The participants get a certificate upon completion of the course after which they may be able to start teaching in a country of their choice. The website also offers Internship opportunities as well as direct job placements for candidates with TEFL certification. Additionally, there is a special discount section for selected courses and a TEFL shop to purchase educational supplementary materials.

A financial services company that is managing a hedge fund required an online business application to manage investors, brokers, returns, deposits and withdrawals, and more. The application is composed of three user roles: investors, brokers and admin. All have access to separate control panels. The development team's focus has been to simplify the processes that each user type is carrying out as well as enticing investors to promote the hedge fund further.

This application was built to improve cash flow by keeping better track of receivables (customer invoices). This invoicing module is a great time saver, especially when linked with other business application modules such as the time booking and attendance module

LiteBreeze has developed an issue tracking module which runs both as a standalone system or as an integrable module. It could be integrated with business software such as a CRM, self service portal and/or helpdesk. The issue tracker lets company staff and customers collaborate on issues and the stakeholders will always be kept up to date on the status of pending issues.

A modern online knowledge base module was developed by LiteBreeze for integration with existing systems or to be used as a standalone application. The module allows clients to share information with stakeholders such as customers, partners, suppliers and employees in a user-friendly manner. The goals are manifolded: to save time for stakeholders by being able to store and categorize knowledge in one place, to foster collaboaration and improve innovation, to improve communications with customers, and more.

A Swiss small scale wholesaler of tobacco products approached LiteBreeze to develop a custom CRM and order management application through which they could manage retailer locations, retailer performance and product sales. The CRM software enables the client to keep track of their retail customers' success. The aim is to enable the client to analyze which retailers are most successful in selling the client's products and how to enable other retailers to be equally successful, boosting the clients success.

The aim of this business application tool is to synchronize senstitive business data such as customers, orders, invoices, accounting vouchers and more from one business application to a SaaS-based business software solution. The SaaS solution which the synchronization effort targeted was also developed at LiteBreeze India.

A restaurant website design plays an important role in the restaurant's marketing mix. It is mainly used as a promotional tool. Now-a-days people hardly get time to go through restaurant guide books and more rely on the online information provided in the home site. The client thus presents his image online to improve patronage to his restaurant.

DinKennel connects dog breeders (kennels) to prospective dog owners. A user can search, browse and read about particular breeds and kennels. Users benefit from being able to search through a great number of kennels in one go. Kennels get the opportunity to promote themselves online through one single channel at a low cost.

LiteBreeze has developed a simple yet very powerful custom accounting application. The module was needed for a range of projects where reliable transaction management was required. Through its easy-to-use interface the accounting software is intuitive to book keepers, accountants and auditors who all can use the application without prior training. The accounting software gives the end user full control of assets, expenses and cash flow. The accounting module is easy to integrate with third party systems such as CRM, ERP, order management software, employee management software and time and attendance software.

The client is a French company that needed to build an online portal where users can share experiences of restaurants in metropolitan European cities such as Paris and Barcelona. The website is an informative portal with certain social networking aspects as well. Users can view menus, enlist new restaurants, share their experience of restaurants and contribute content. The goal is to make the portal the only guide you need to find a great restaurant in any of the big European cities.

The client is a Swedish web consultancy helping traditional retailers to launch successful e-commerce websites. The primary objective the project was to build a highly customizable shopping cart solution that the client could implement for its customers. The client required the shopping cart solution to work in any country, with any currency, any freight rate, at any tax rate and for any type of product. In addition, the application was to be easily installed through a guided installation process.

The client is a Portuguese company aiming to develop a social networking website where its members can discuss concerts, movies, literature and other cultural events. Through user-friendly interfaces, a user-contributing social concept and focus on a local niche market the client has built up a user base quickly. LiteBreeze India was contacted for this community web development project in 2007 and the website has enjoyed much attention ever since. To tap revenue a sophisticated advertisement management system has been developed.

The client is a Swedish funeral home that wanted a professional and informative website presented through a tranquil design. The company needed to be able to update and add content themselves and hence the LiteBreeze CMS module was integrated to allow for such flexibility.

This employee management application is a custom recruiting software module helping HR representatives with job applicant tracking. The system was developed to enable management to take faster decisions and to save time for the HR representatives. Information such as resumes, reference checks, interview details, test results and offer status is available for all stakeholders. The results is that better and faster decisions on who to recruit can be taken.

This client sells tailor-made shirts and wanted to enable their customers to order shirts online through a simple and interactive guide. The client also wished to improve efficiency in businesses processes including order management, shipping and partner management (both partner tailors and resellers). The application features a well-crafted 'design your shirt' guide where customers can design their shirts and specify their body measurements to arrive at a perfectly tailored shirt.

The client is a Finnish internet entrepreneur having found a unique niche which truly delivers a lot of value to its customers. The client is helping people with food allergies (and people who are on special diets) to communicate their needs while travelling in other countries. By signing up at their website the customer can order printable cards (diet cards) that explain the customer's specific allergy/diet in multiple languages. The customers can then carry with them these cards while travelling saving themselves from a possibly hazardous miscommunication.

In any professional services firm the employees' time is the firm's most valuable asset. By increasing the billable hours the firm can boost its profitability considerably. The aim of this business software is to help management with analysis of billable hours/debitable rate and give them the information needed to take decisions for improved profitability.

The client is an Italian web design and web development company with a large clientele of customers who are requesting CMS and marketing services. The client already hosted and managed a broad range of open source CMS and newsletter applications for their clients and they got the idea to develop their own newsletter software on an SaaS platform. This would save them much time in terms of administration and application maintenance.

Xrible intends to provide a platform for budding writers to express themselves and be recognized. To achieve this, the client requires the right group of like-minded people to read the stories published and provided unbiased and constructive critiques. The objective of the website is to attract discerning readers as well as writers.

The client has a background in the hotel industry and wished to develop a custom online booking system. Users would visit the website to get great prices on hotels anywhere in the world, similar to the way functions. As the client wanted to launch a serious competitor to the existing hotel booking portals the project was a huge effort with many stakeholders and it stretched over more than six months.

This web portal and rental management software supports an American company that is arranging exclusive yacht trips for its customers. The client needed a portal where their customers could log on and request a quote for yacht excursion. The request would be made through a user-friendly and interactive step-by-step guide in the portal. Requests from customers would then be passed on to yacht brokers who respond to a request with a detailed proposal. The proposal is also generated through a user-friendly online guide.

LiteGlobe needed a fresh look for their website which would appeal to their two-fold target group. On one side a young adventerous generation and on the other more conservative decision makers from big businesses.

Gadgetworld.chär en Schweizisk näthandelswebbplats som säljer elektronikprylar till Apple, Samsung-produkter etc. Sidan är en skräddarsydd Opencart-lösning med förenklad kassa och betalningslösningar för den schweiziska marknaden. is an online meeting place for business people. Investors can find exciting business ideas to invest in, and entrepreneurs can showcase their businesses and attract investments.

Onlinesmink is a Sweden based website which showcases different Fast Moving Goods products. The site allows the visitor to Search for the desired product or view all the products in a particular category. The product can be checkout in simple steps from the provider website. is a Swedish company that deals with short term rentals of private houses and apartments. The users can book apartments through this website, make the payment, get the email notifications on booking status etc.