Heavily customized WordPress solution for LiteBreeze official website


Our WordPress experts used multiple years of web application expertise under the leadership of our Swedish management to create a heavily customized international level WordPress website.

We decided to rebuild our website as it was a challenge to showcase our web and mobile expertise and experience effectively through the old legacy system which was built in core PHP.

Key Features

Seamless integration with other solutions: We had several other internal systems in place to manage our inhouse systems. One of the key challenges during the website rebuild was that we needed to ensure that the new system continued to work with the existing systems through WordPress API’s. Major integrations include:

  • Recruitment portal: The careers form is linked to a recruitment portal through which our recruitment team can easily access and manage new candidates, interviews and other recruitment related processes.
  • Lead management portal: The ‘request a quote’ button is linked to a lead management portal which will collect the data and provide access to management level seniors.

User based content: We’ve added a unique option to the website where the administrators can easily cater audience based content. We had an existing ERP where our employees login and log daily time entry reports.

We have integrated a unique script to our website which can be set through an API call from the ERP. This enables the ERP logged-in users to view more employee focussed content and site visitors to view visitor specific content.

Search Engine Rankings: Our previous system had multiple pages which required tweaks from time after time. Also, we have developed a more user and seo friendly url structure in the new website and made sure that all search engines would be able to access the old links without leading to a 404 page which would affect our Google ranking.

We used existing WordPress plugins along with custom development to ensure that all existing rankings are transferred to the new server.

Portfolio management: The custom build portfolio module helps us to manage our portfolios with ease. It also has advanced features like:

  • Private portfolio: Such portfolios are hidden from public and viewable upon request.
  • Portfolio groups: Administrator can easily create unique portfolios’ by grouping portfolios as per client requirements with restricted access.

Developers management: The developers management module allows us to easily showcase our developers experience and strengths through an easy to manage backend interface. It also comes with an anonymization option which enables the administrator to have two versions of the profiles:

  • Public profile: Available to general audience, with some redacted information.
  • Private profile: Will be password protected and access can be granted upon request.

GDPR compliance: We’ve taken the utmost care to ensure that our new website is 100% GDPR compliant.

Multiple page templates: The LiteBreeze WordPress build consists of 12+ unique WordPress page templates, which enables visitors to experience a different presentation on each page.

Multilingual CMS: Site’s content is managed through a multilingual cms powered with WordPress CMS, Poylang and loco translate plugins.

Team of developers who worked on this project: Arun, Chithra, Arjun, Sandeep, Kiran A